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 Contract Bingo Software

Contract Bingo Software

All the systems you will rent from us also have Bingo software. In addition, if you have the system you use, you can also integrate our Bingo software with the files that we will forward to you.


Bingo Software Features


1) 7/24 Live broadcast is provided.

2) It is published in Turkish and English.
3) Sweepstakes are held only by female dealers.
4) 135102040 credit cards can be purchased.
5) Now you can offer 2 theme alternatives, Blue theme and Green theme to your users.
6) All past draws are recorded. The user can view the history of all sweepstakes from his / her own panel.
7) You can create a separate website as Online Bingo.
8) At the end of each withdrawal, the automatic credit is automatically renewed and reflected in the account.
9) Our Bingo system located in our studio is instantaneously reflected in the system because of the barcode method and results are instant.

10) Optional Jackpot feature is available, you can activate or passive according to your preference.
11) Optionally, our software is also available as a bonus feature, you can use active or passive Bingo system.

12) The “Random Card” feature is available for the user. Your user can use this feature practically if he or she wants to buy random cards.
13) At the end of the draw, if the user wants to buy the cards he has bought in the first draw, at the end of the draw, there is such a feature in order to make the user easier as “Yes / No”.

14) Optionally, you can prevent users who are not logged on to the system from seeing the broadcast, or you can enable the visitors to see the broadcast.

15) Tulum is also available in our system.

How to Play Bingo?

In Live Bingo game, prices and bonuses are different tables and there are 125 cards on these tables. For each raffle, the user can take as many cards as he wants from the table and play at different tables at the same time. When the sweepstakes begins, the card purchase for that game stops and the cards in the tables are renewed. The cards that the user will receive later apply to the next game.

The Live Draw starts with the first ball pulling the rake. Each resulting ball number is marked on the cards that the user receives for that game. Each line marked on the cards is called zinc. You can make more than one card zinc at a table at the same time. In this case bonuses are evenly distributed. The first zinc made on the table is called 1.Çinko. After that, 2 lines marked on a card are called Zinc, and all the lines marked after are called Bingo. When the bingo is over, the draw ends and after a certain time the new lottery starts.

Apart from the main bonuses, there are extra bonuses and new bonuses can be added over time. Jackpot, Tulum, Zinc in Top 5, Zinc in Top 10 and Top X in Bingo are extra bonuses.