Tokens, Bank Transfer, CepBank, EFT are currently available as the payment options. Other payment methods can also be integrated to our system upon request.
If the agreement is concluded and the requirements which you must be fulfill are completed, we will deliver your site within the same day.
All the features in the website have change, limit and inactivate options. You can use the features for individual users or for the entire website.
Affiliate system can be optionally activated or inactivated on the control panel in our online betting software for rent. Affiliate Banner can also be added onto the control panel and actively used.
Dealership system is available in our betting software for rent. The dealership options available include those that perform distribution, only create users, and possess various authorizations.

We have not received any complaints regarding our system. We only receive wishes and suggestions to improve the features and scope of our system. The suggestions received are reviewed by professional teams of relevant units and integrated to the system if approved.

We have completed our 20th year as a professional company of the industry. We are aiming at increasing our growth in the near future. Our target is to ensure better growth with our branch offices in several countries and our robust customer portfolio.

We perform installation of Filliale System for free of charge upon purchase. Our professional team will be available to introduce you to the entire system. We also offer 7/24 free support for any questions.

Upon your request, we can offer paid services to have your banner images prepared by our professional graphic designers. However, the customer is responsible for preparing the banner images under standard agreements. 

There is no limit to our capacity as our systems are running on servers with high performance. No loss of performance will be experienced on our system in case of high number of users.

You can contact us on our contact page for the integration of the bingo software. If the agreement is made for the software, our team will provide you with necessary details on Skype and help you with the integration process.

All of our themes and products are compatible with all mobile devices. All of our products have “Responsive” feature.

Pursuant to our confidentiality policies, no user data is disclosed to any third person or entity. All customers are responsible for the security of their own data (Passwords, user data, etc.).

Live chat feature is not included in our betting system, but you can purchase any live chat package and we will integrate the feature into the system (, comm100 etc.)

Monitor button is available to switch to monitor mode in our online betting systems. You can choose to inactivate the button. In order to provide an alternative view, you can activate the button when requested by users.

Bet cancellation option is not available for in-play betting. Users and dealers are only allowed to cancel bets no later than 15 minutes prior to the starting time of events in the bet. 

Our system offers various limits including profit limits based on type o bet, minimum amount of bet, minimum number of matches that can be added, etc.. You can also arrange your own limits out of the standard limits for System Bet, Single Bet, Multiple Bet, Live Bet, Combined Bet for general use or individual users.

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