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Blue Betting Theme

Our theme is compatible with all mobile devices, the mobile version and the control panel are also designed in the same manner. All theme functions operate at high performance. When you assign a dealer-based theme, users of the dealer will see that theme when they enter your website. You can assign different themes for different dealers and arrange the settings in the same way.

Please remember to inform us if you request to create your website by using this theme, which can also be used as a closed system as with our other themes. Just let us know if you need revisions and editing on our theme. 

You can request any change in theme and have it applied at any time. We apply changes immediately upon receiving your request. So you can keep running you site without any loss of time.

  • Theme with 100% compatibility with mobile devices
  • High performance and editable theme
  • Unlimited user capacity and dealer capacity
  • Edit, change and add features available
  • Dealer-based and user-based theme assignment option available
  • Monitor version mode available
  • Monthly minimum 10.000 sports games and even more
  • Compatible theme with all Live Casino games
  • Compatible theme with all Slot games
  • Compatible theme with Live 7/24 Bingo software